Reece Bader and Burt Wiand publish Securities Arbitration: Practice and Forms-Second Edition

Reece Bader and Burt Wiand have collaborated to produce the second edition of Securities Arbitration: Practice and Forms, a treatise designed for practitioners and industry members who participate in securities arbitrations. The book’s publisher, Juris Publishing Inc. describes the book as “the leading start-to-finish guide and reference to the entire arbitration process for all types of participants, including public investors and their counsel, representatives of brokerage firms and other financial institutions (including inside counsel, outside counsel, and compliance directors and their staffs), members of the staffs of sponsoring organizations, and arbitrators themselves.” For more information go to


Reece Bader and Burt Wiand both have decades of hands on experience in securities arbitrations and litigation surrounding arbitrations.  Both are Principals of GK-ADR, the Mediation and Arbitration practice of Guerra King P.A.  Burt Wiand continues to actively participate in arbitration cases.  GK lawyers are known nationwide for their expertise in securities arbitration and the representation of financial services clients.