The lawyers of Guerra King (“GK”) over the past eighteen months have undertaken, on a pro-bono basis, the task of filing clemency petitions with the Justice Department’s clemency project for prisoners serving draconian sentences under prior administrations.  Lawyers of GK filed clemency petitions on behalf of three non-violent prisoners who were serving lengthy sentences, including two prisoners serving life sentences without the possibility of parole who would have never been released from prison during their lifetimes.  Due to the work of the firm’s lawyers, one of these individuals has been released, a second is set to be released next month, and a third had his sentence commuted from life without parole to 262 months after already having served more than half of that sentence.  This accomplishment is notable considering that President Obama has only granted approximately 5% of clemency petitions submitted during his administration.  Jordan Maglich, Matthew Mueller and Dominique Heller were instrumental in preparing these petitions with the encouragement and support of Burton Wiand.  Wiand, GK’s Chairman, stated:  “correcting injustice is one of the most satisfying tasks that a lawyer can undertake.  GK is proud of the efforts of its lawyers in assisting these three individuals.”

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