FINRA Teams With Stanford University To Fight Financial Fraud


There is a new resource available in the fight against financial fraud. Stanford University’s Center on Longevity and FINRA’s Investor Education Foundation have teamed up to create The Research Center on the Prevention of Financial Fraud. Stanford’s Center on Longevity studies the aging process and focuses on ways that science and technology can improve the lives of people over 50. FINRA’s Investor Education Foundation aims to promote financial literacy by supporting research and educational projects to benefit the investing public. The collaboration between these two groups aims to provide a comprehensive informational source to aid in the detection and prevention of all manner of financial fraud – from Ponzi schemes to online “phishing” scams. The Center will bridge the gap between scientific research on fraud and the development of practical tools for its prevention and detection. The Center is aimed at providing information to researchers, advocates, and law enforcement, however, it will also be a valuable source of information for investors. The research conducted by the Center is guided by an advisory council made up of both faculty members (from the fields of psychology, business, and finance) and representatives from stakeholder organizations. Organizations including FINRA, the AARP, and the SEC are represented on the advisory council. The Center will hold its inaugural conference this November in Washington, DC titled “The State and Future of Financial Fraud.” The keynote speakers will be SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro and author Dr. Robert Cialdini. For more information about the Center visit, or contact Rob Jamieson at